Friday, February 15, 2019

Musical Inheritance?

Brit is holding the guitar in this group.

Is musical ability inherited? My maternal grandmother, Edna McClintick Brandt, played piano, and her father, John B. "Brit" McClintick, played fiddle, mandolin, banjo, and guitar.
He is holding the banjo. I love this picture: hamming it up with strings and stogies.
My mother said several times after I started playing violin that she wanted Grandpap McClintick to hear me play, and I often took my violin to my grandparents' house and inflicted my playing upon the relatives, but I never played for Grandpap. He died when I was in tenth grade, so I could have discussed music with him, but I simply didn't know he played when he was young or didn't pay attention when my mother told me. The latter is a strong possibility because my mind can wander when people talk; I learn better by reading than by listening. I get caught up in an idea and drift off into another realm.
That is Brit at upper left holding the Gibson guitar.

I wish now I could talk to him. He played in a mandolin group and other small ensembles, and I would love to know what they played, how he learned, and where he got his instruments, for starters. I can identify his Gibson guitar and Gibson mandolin, but I know nothing else. My Aunt Mickey said she has his instruments, some at least, in her basement, but they are lost amid the accumulation of four generations' possessions.
Maybe I will see him some day, and we will trade tunes and swap stories.

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