Friday, August 24, 2018

Punching Alexander Walker

I punched Alexander Walker last week, but I am neither a pugilist nor the violent sort. My punching resulted from a reprint of an old book and a search for the original.
Alexander Walker was a composer of Scottish dance melodies who published a collection of self-penned compositions in 1866. Cape Breton musician Paul Stewart Cranford published a reprint in 1997, and many tunes in that edition are his own arrangements. I wanted to play the originals, and I found a digitized version of the 1866 collection on the National Library of Scotland website, which offers many Scottish tune collections. That website is
I downloaded the Walker pdf and printed it at the library last Saturday, and once home I punched holes in it using my three-hole punch and put it in a binder. Now I can play the original versions.

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