Thursday, October 8, 2015

Workshops and Teaching

I give lessons and workshops on traditional Celtic music on string instruments. Following are the instruments and styles I teach:
1. Celtic fiddle -- Scottish, Irish, and English traditional styles, teaching students methods of playing, such as drones, bowing, and ornaments, used to transform the violin and printed music to traditional fiddling. This can include features of 18th-century Scottish and English music.
2. Celtic music on mandolin family instruments -- mandolin, mandola, and octave mandolin. Students learn how to use techniques such as drones, picking, and ornaments to create a Celtic sound. This can include an emphasis on the music of Turlough O'Carolan and the 18th century.
3. Mountain dulcimer -- Flatpicking in DAD and DGD tuning using capos to play in nearly all Celtic keys. Includes use of drones, picking and ornaments to create a Celtic sound.
4. Celtic guitar accompaniment. Using strumming patterns, selective string playing, bass lines, partial chords, varying chord voicings, and chord substitution to create a Celtic sound and to add variety.

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