Sunday, July 13, 2014

Historical Reenactors

It's not easy to define the music I play; it's not a quick answer. I'm equal parts musician and historian, and I most enjoy presenting traditional British Isles music of the colonial period clad in 18th-century garb, followed closely by playing Civil War music sporting 19th-century vestments.
I discovered living history in the summer of 1975 while visiting Civil War sites and for many years have been acquiring reproductions of clothing worn in the mid-1700s and mid-1800s. I often feel more comfortable in that clothing than in 21st-c duds, and I heartily dislike the slovenly casual clothing I see everywhere I go. So I was fascinated to find this reenactors' blog: Hope you enjoy it.
Keep checking here for my performances and my slow but steady progress on my recordings. I am working on my first solo recording, a mix of Celtic music of various time periods and of tunes I wrote in the 18-c Scottish style, and after that I will begin my colonial music album. I recently started a Rampant Mandolin Twitter feed to impart news.